One of the major functions of the SCC is the training of personnel to use PZP in the field.  By federal law this training is required for any application to horses, but the SCC strongly recommends (and in some cases may require) this training for other species as well.  The program consists of two and a half days of intensive classroom and hands-on instruction.  Topics include, but are not limited to, the history of wildlife fertility control, the biology and immunology of PZP contraception, proper handling and mixing of the vaccine, regulatory issues, proper data collection, policy issues, public education, strategies for accessing wildlife in the field, and safety.  The trainee is introduced to at least ten different delivery systems and spends considerable time on the rifle range firing various dart guns.  The training program is conducted in the brand new Henry Bergh Training Annex, completed in 2012.

 Training programs are offered on an “on-demand” basis, usually between March and October.  Cost is $200/person, which covers some meals and equipment for each participant.  Inquiries can be made to Kim Frank, at the Science and Conservation Center, 2100 S. Shiloh Road, Billings, MT 59106, or, or 406-652-9718.

Training Annex