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Information to Know Prior to Ordering or Using PZP Vaccine

The vaccine is packed on ice and shipped via Federal Express. The vaccine must be kept frozen (ultra-low temperature freezers are not necessary) until use. Vaccine will be 100µg doses in 1.5 ml plastic microvials. The adjuvants must remain refrigerated.

International Shipments: PZP is available lyophilized to prevent damage if shipment is delayed. The lyophilized PZP must be rehydrated using 0.5ml sterile water.

Please be sure to thoroughly review:


$35USD per dose
Organizations with a non-profit status may be eligible for a discount.

PZP Vaccine Order Forms

*This form must be completed and sent to the AZA Reproductive Management Center Pathology Team if a contracepted animal dies.

Non-Zoo Animal Projects

Projects must be approved by the Science & Conservation Center.

PZP Vaccine Preparation Instructions

*This material is password protected and available only to Certified PZP Applicators.

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